What People Have to say about Okoball...

'We would recommend this to anyone who is looking to live a healthy life, save money and save the planet'
- Andy Hewitt

'I have never come across anything like this. Fantastic!'
- Jane Jackson

I was recently introduced to the Oko Ball by a friend, and was amazed by the concept, “washing your clothes without detergent”, WOW! I thought I have to try it.

It was perfect timing as my daughter had just come back from camp, so I really put the Oko Ball to the test. Well, of course exactly what my friend told me would happen, did happen, my daughters clothes came out perfectly clean. I followed the instructions precisely and added salt as they recommended and everything came out exactly like she said.

I have recommended the Oko Ball to all my friends and family. It is a great gift idea too.

- Susan NSW

I was introduced to the Oko Ball by my Mum, I live away from home with two flat mates. We have been using the Oko Ball now for almost a year. We love it. Our clothes come out clean and we save heaps of money on detergent. We also love the fact that we don’t have to lug washing powder up 4 flights of stairs anymore.

- Melissa Carey NSW

I have now been using the Oko Ball for about 6 months and am very happy with it, I think it is a wonderful product. I originally tested it with my sons work clothes. He is an electrician and can get very grubby. After one wash on a heavy cycle with the Oko Ball his clothes came out really clean, all the stains and even glue was removed. I was pleasantly surprised and believe in the product 100%. With my towels I use the normal cycle and they also come out perfect. I look after my Oko Ball by putting in the sun every couple of weeks to keep it rejuvenated.

I believe the Oko Ball is a wonderful product and great for the environment.

- Carmon NSW

My wife recently purchased an Oko Ball, I thought to myself what a wonderful idea. I decided to do the water test to see if the water really changes with the Oko Ball in the bucket. I was told by my wife that the PH level in the water increases therefore making the water softer which in turn will open the fibres in the clothes and remove the soil. It makes sense I thought, but really wanted to see for myself. Well I am happy to report, she was right. The water was softer and had a soapy feel to it. I was very excited and have been talking about the Oko Ball ever since.

It not only saves the environment but also saves you money. Great for the family.

- Darren NSW

I have been using the Oko Ball for two years now, my sister brought it for me from overseas. I have a family of four children and have spent half my life washing clothes and spending heaps of money on washing detergent. The Oko Ball has been great for me and my family we have saved heaps of money on buying washing detergent.

I also have brought one for my oldest son who has moved out to go to University.

- Lola QLD

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