• Vitamin - C Effect
  • Chlorine Exclusion
  • Functional Ceramic Ball Effect
  • Forest Anion Effect

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Oko Vitamin-C Eco Shower Head

Our cutting-edge water purification technology can help to treat your skin problems related to atopic dermatitis, such as itching, dry dandruff, tightened feeling after washing the face, and keratinization. The Vitamin C in the Oko Eco Shower Head briefly reacts with water and removes residual chlorine.

Edible Abundant Vitamin C improves blood circulation and ceramic balls change water with much minerals. In addition, Far-Infrared rays in the ceramic balls make you healthy.

The Shower Head

  • It can neutralize 99.99% residual chlorine and chloramines effectively in tap water.
  • Change alkali water quality into weak acid-water, which is effective in moisturizing and protecting your skin from aging, and has excellent antibiotic and antiseptic properties as well.
  • It can remove peculiar smell
  • It protects the shower plate from blocking.
  • It provides a Massage function and saves water
  • Relieves dry skin and itchiness, eliminates chlorine caused by dandruff
  • Protects dyed hair for lasting color
  • Can improve annoying respiratory problems
  • Fine Mist Spray with bubbling jets massage spray and soft spray
  • Easy to install
  • The eco friendly shower head can save up to 50 liters’ of water for each shower in six minutes of use or up to 20,000 liters’ of water per person per year
  • The Vitamin C Effect neutralizes and removes residual chlorine in the tap water instantly
  • The Revolving filter helps the Vitamin C dissolve and mix with tap water
  • Korean Patent Technology
  • Functional Ceramic Balls effect and activates your metabolism when showering
  • The ceramic balls kill germs which remain in the tap and provide a strong antibacterial effect
  • It provides a Forest Anion Effect that relaxes your body by the fine mist water
  • It produces abundant Anion which it releases through the special customized watering plate


3 Filter System

The first step filter:
Oko Vitamin-C Filter (Active Ingredients: Vitamin-C)

The second step filter:
Antimicrobial Ceramic Ball It kills germs and bacteria in the tap water.

The third step filter:
Stainless Steel Precise Watering Plate Relaxes your body by fine mist. Abundant Anion releases through special customized watering plate.


1. Keep vitamin-c refill powder out of reach of children.
2. During long time storage, powder color may turn into brown but it doesn't harm or influence to quality.
3. The vitamin-c powder is edible, but we recommend you to use only in shower head.
4. Contact ophthalmologist if vitamin-c goes through the eye.


How to Refill?

1. Hold a head part and turn a grip part of showerhead.
2. Take an empty filter housing(cartridge) out.
3. Open its top lid.
4. Tear vitamin-c pouch.
5. Refill the vitamin-c powder inside.
6. Turn and close top lid.
7. Reassemble and finish.

The vitamin-c powder changes into concentrated liquid when it mixes with water, so you don't have to worry about this effect. Even though you can't see vitamin-c powder in the filter, it doesn't disappeared completely but converted into liquid. Thus you may use a week more. You may refill vitamin-c powder when the water looks transparent. Its life time is about 1 month for 4 member family. (*Not always up to water usage) Don't throw away empty vitamin-c filter cartridge, you can use it semipermanently.

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