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  1. Fill the washing machine with clothes to desired load.
  2. Place the Öko-Ball in the center of clothes to be washed
  3. Fill with water
  4. For best results soak the clothes for at least an hour or use the pre-wash setting on your washing machine, if available.
  5. Follow with regular washing steps after soaking clothes for an hour
  6. Remove clothes from washer.


  1. For over ½ loads of laundry (10 pounds) it is recommended to use 2 ÖkoBalls
  2. Add the laundry ball after you have added the clothes to the washer and fill with water.
  3. For best results leave the clothes in the machine to soak or use the pre-wash cycle setting if available. This will convert the hard minerals in tap water.
  4. For heavily soiled laundry, you can add 1/5 the regular amount of the ordinary detergent with the Öko-Ball
  5. Leave the ball in the washer for the next wash and repeat steps


  • Leave the laundry ball in the washer until next use
  • Drying under direct sunlight for few hours once a month is recommended
  • Can be used with cold washing cycle with great results
  • Use warm cycle for clothes that cannot be cold washed
  • Separate fabrics from light or dark
  • Estimated use of the Öko-Ball is 4 years if used everyday or 1,500 washes
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