ÖKOBALL saves money and saves the environment

1,500 Washes save more, do more

You could use the ÖkoBall for 4 years ,if used everyday, or 1,500 washes. Save more from buying washing powders.

No Chemicals chemicals and toxins free

ÖkoBall is chemical free and will not react with other chemicals within cleaning products.

No Irritantssafe for your skin

It does not cause any skin irritations for those who have allergies or individuals sensitive to dyes and other detergents.

Cleaning Power superior cleaning power

The Öko-Ball maintains the PH spectrum of water at the same level of ordinary chemical detergents by utilizing negative ions which weakens the dirty surfaces and fabric adhesion so dirt can be removed easily from clothing.

Save Water save the environment

The efficiency of less water being used during the washing process along with the anti-calcium effect of the Öko-Ball lessens the resistance of the washer to warm the water in less time.

Money Backmoney back guarantee

A change you will love or your money back! 30 day money back guarantee.

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